Back into the world of everything social media…..

I’m baaaaack! After having a month and a half or so off the social media grid I’ve now decided to venture back into the world of likes and hashtags, and to be very honest I’ve missed it….but in ways, I didn’t realise I would. I decided to go ‘unplugged’ for a few reasons….

1. It was the school holidays, and my delightful monkeys are quite a handful, which requires me to have full concentration! Anyone with a 2 or 3 years old will know life can go from hero to zero in a blink of an eye!!

2. Sometimes I find Facebook and Instagram quite overwhelming, it gets noisy if that makes sense? I needed time to shut the background noise of and concentrate on the noise, trust me there is plenty, in front of me.

3. I find when I have time off I get inspired again, especially with my blogging.

When you are an expat you do rely heavily on the crazy world of Facebook, Insta and WhatsApp to keep connected to friends and family. So this was one of the things I missed the most. Yes there is Skype, and close friends and family you obviously actually speak to and send photos to privately, but Instagram and Facebook enables you to stay connected to their day to day lives. It keeps you in the loop and makes the distance from your loved ones and friends just that bit smaller. I am at the age where a lot of my friends have small children or starting their own families, and sometimes it is very hard knowing you are missing out. Not being able to squish those cute baby faces, go to first birthdays, play in the parks with my boys and watch them grow up. But by checking in now and again watching the first step videos, or the mummy and daddy proud moments makes it all a little easier. I also discovered that my friends and family also missed my updates and seeing my boys and our life out here, so it appears its a two-way street!

So my love-hate relationship with the world of social media continues. I’m sure there will be more times ahead where I jump off and unplug for a bit to quieten the noise, but for now, I’m back and very happy to be so!

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