Back to reality with a bang!

Aaaaand we are back! As with every yearly trip back to the motherland it is always over in the blink of an eye. This year we had a wonderful trip, treated to some amazing weather and awesome experiences for the boys and good quality time with family and friends. With the boys being that little bit older it meant that we were able to do more things and they were able to be more independent, which helped mummy…. a lot.

When we arrive back in Beira it takes a bit of adjusting back to “Africa ways” just like he took some adjusting into the “UK ways”. So far the following things have tested this to the max:

  1. Atms have been down periodically and generally when I am searching for cash. Come pay day here everyone rushes to get all the salary out, which means endless queues, system crashes and the atms actually running out of cash. I know I never that could even happen before I moved to Beira.
  2. I ordered a new bank card but got it sent to the wrong branch so had to go and retrieve it from the other branch across town, battle for a parking space and queue, again.
  3. Our pool, a free standing over sized paddling pool really, decided to spring a leak.
  4. Said pool has a pump that has also decided to give up on me. No replacements here.
  5. The on going saga of water leaking into our living room, which we thought was fixed for the 5th time, has started AGAIN!
  6. The shops appear to have been robbed, could be me being used to Sainsburys, but not even fresh fruit or veg or chedder cheese??
  7. Had to buy a new toaster as cat decided to tackle a giant rat in the kitchen and the toaster got in the way.

So yep been a fun few days as you can see! But as always africa always throws something in my path to bring me back down to reality and help me put everything into perspective. Today I was invited by a friend to come and listen to a group of ladies at a sewing school talk about their stories of how this school has changed their lives. My friend has started a clothing line here in Beira using sustainably sourced Capulana material and has collaborated with this school with the ladies helping her to make the clothes. Their stories were so incredibly humbling and inspiring. They talked of how this school has given them hope that they didn’t have before, confidence to go out their and change their lives for the better, enabling them to now feed the children well and send them to school. While I sat there listening to these stories it made my woes seem manageable and not so bad. Yes in my world they are important but in the grand scheme of things they are defiantly stop, breathe and smile and wave moments, rather than loose my head moments.

If your interested in knowing more about these ladies and their work why don’t you nip over to K8afrika website and check it out and see what goodies they have on offer.

Just love these Singer sewing machines!
Ladies proud to show off their home creations that they have achieved since graduating from the sewing school.

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