Brit in Britain……through my boys eyes

Same of you who follow me on Instagram would have noticed that I am on my yearly visit back to the home land, and this year I have been treated to a stinking hot glorious summer! Although I must say even though myself and the boys have enjoyed the hot sunny days, sleeping in 30 degrees without aircon hasn’t been easy when all the houses over here are designed to keep the heat in! It appears though that the last of the sun here is mellowing down and looks set to start cooling down just as I fly out into the sunset back to my aircon, perfect timing!

This year my youngest, who is almost 2 years old, has been able to take part in a lot more which has been wonderful if not bloody tiring! I am always amazed how well my two little jet setters adapt to their new surroundings. They seem to absorb it all, accept it and carry on as usual. Of course we have had a period of “settling in” where we had quite a spat of screaming tantrums…. which I am sure my dad’s neighbours have just loved! Yep the Jahme boys have definitely made it known they are here, in every way. These cheerful chaps greet every single person on the street with a belting “hello” which 9 times out of ten gets smile bringing sunshine every where they go, they get super excited seeing other children and immediately promote them on sight to “their friends”, I think it’s safe to say they are loving the new experiences.


Some of these new experiences that have thrilled them have been a mixture of simple pleasures and others a little more surprising:

  1. Parks and playgrounds. They go absolutely crazy when they hear we are going to a park, their little faces light up like it’s Christmas. They run around for the first 10mins darting back and forth from each peice of equipment in excitement, finally settling on a favorite usually being the sea-saw or the roundabout.
  2. Shops. I am so blooming lucky they love being pushed around in the buggy in shops. They love the music in the shops, or the la la as they call it. They allow me to try clothes on, again charming every person in the shop. Finley, my eldest, made the best comment in a shop when we first arrive, “Mummy there is so much shampoo!”. Brilliant just brilliant. That sums up my constant battle here of way too much choice in everything!
  3. Netflix. Oh thank you Netflix and smart TVs. I mentioned before in one of my first blog posts, how I fell in love and had my mind blown by the new smart TVs. This year it’s the boys turn. Horrid Henry at the click of a button and hours of peppa pig on tap! What more could two little boys, and their mummy, wish for when they stumble out of bed at 5.30am EVERY morning…..
  4. Rhys, my youngest, obsession with every aeroplane that flys over, and with Stansted Airport being fairly close to Saffron Walden there are quite a few. He gets quite upset when he can’t grab it and play with it!! For those who are unaware Beira has a minimal amount of flights coming in and out, and definitely no jumbo jets!
  5. The Green Man. Yep pedestrian crossings are always fun waiting for that little green man to show his face.

I’m sure as they weeks go on, as we continue on our visiting trips around the South of England, these little African boys will gather more and more exerpeinces and their smiling quickness will continue to bring sunshine to everyone they meet.

One thought on “Brit in Britain……through my boys eyes

  1. Wonderful to see how the boys are taking everything in. I think the fact that they are becoming well traveled lads will make there spirit much more adventurous compared to a lad who never does much with there lives – of course its wonderful they have got the opportunity which is what you as parents have given them – the life they have now will only inspire them as they get older and of course see the world as a great place to be in and a great place to embrace all the cultures we have with acceptance. Keep up the good work that you are both doing and I guess at the same time you are all having a fab adventure!. Safe trip back to Beira.


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