My blogging mission is taking shape!

I have spoken before about the nature of the expat life with friends coming and going like ships at the port; it’s the life here you get used to it. Some of us are here for the long haul others here for just a few months or years, but no matter how long you are here for you ask anyone who has left Beira what they miss the most…and it’s the people. Beira is a very special place for many reasons and these reasons are different for each individual but the one constant is the expat community. We are all in this together and are muddling through trying to fit into this new world and making the best out of, sometimes, a tough situation. It’s like no other place I have known….you may be thousands of miles away from your family and friends yet you never feel alone. There is always someone you can call for that cup of tea and a hug when your missing home, or that cup of sugar when you just can’t face Shoprite that day.

I have learnt since writing this blog and with my Instagram posts that not everyone sees Beira like I do, and that’s ok. I tend to see the beauty in places where a lot of people just see poverty and grime and my mission for this blog was to show people my Beira, and today I discovered that people are beginning to see it! I got a wonderful compliment today saying that they wished when they lived here they saw Beira through my eyes………I would say my mission is on track!

2 thoughts on “My blogging mission is taking shape!

  1. Yes it is true what you say – when we lived in Beira back in the late 70’s it was very different again – I look at the pictures that you have posted and still see a fab place – I just loved the beech and that still looks great. I guess with what happened in the past it was bound to go down hill for a number of years but now I guess folk see that by hard work and investment Beira will keep on thriving. Still my ambition to return in the next couple of years. Keep up the good blog!


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