It has been a while since I have written anything on this blog any longer than an Instagram caption, which in fact makes me a pretty weak blogger! I can blame this on a million and one things; lack of inspiration, time, the children grabbing at my ankles, blah blah, but to be honest they are all pretty pathetic excuses. This year, I am consciously trying to manage my time better by ensuring the moments of free time that I do get, I use productively. Too often do I find myself staring blankly down at a phone screen, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, or a TV screen watching yet another murder detective program. Don’t get me wrong a little of this is not a problem. In fact, for me, living so far away from family and friends, social media has become a lifeline to them. It enables me to share the moments in time that they miss, especially, with my two boys who I swear stand in miracle grow at night! But it becomes a problem when other things get put on the back burner, or your sons tell you to “put your eyes up” as he wants to show you something…….then you know something needs to change.

phone photo

With this in mind, there are a few things that I would like to bring back into my life in those moments when I would usually reach for the phone. For starters, I intend to get reacquainted with my beloved Kindle, which I adored until my free time began filling up with nappies and snotty noses and get through some of the backlogs of books I have brought. I am still not able to kick the habit of buying books. When they were physical objects to me, it would make my soul sing to see rows and rows of books waiting for me to plunge headfirst into their worlds, losing all track of time. Living in the UK one of my favorite things to do was to walk around the bookstores. I would spend time flicking through the new releases, snapping up 3 for 2 deals and spending money I didn’t have to fill up the already full bookcases. Now when I buy their digital cousins I am unable to admire them from afar and rearrange on bookshelves, now they get neglected, left in the digital world until needed. Getting your hands on physical books here is a problem, there are no bookstores to buy any new releases, you rely on people passing books on that they have brought in an airport lounge or overseas. Hence where the love of my kindle materialized. I was distraught having to leave all my books behind when I left the UK and at first when visiting back home, I would use most of my luggage allowance on carting them back! Then I discovered the Kindle, and there has been no turning back. It allows me to buy all the new releases, I still find myself scrolling through “the shelves” admiring all the new releases and looking for bargains, and I still buy too many books!! So for a bookworm expat living in a third world country, it is a godsend!

The second thing that I want to step back into is writing as regularly as I can on this blog. Up until recently writing to me as just been work; writing reports and getting them handed in on time. Then I began to take better care of how my reports were written, enjoying the process of writing and editing, and I started to think maybe this is something I should start doing for pleasure. As a teenager, I wrote a diary every day from the age of 12 until about 17, loving how the pen would just flow allowing me to share my innermost thoughts to the pages. It would enable me to process all the challenges that teenage life would bring when those unpredictable hormones began to kick in and every day was filled with mini-crisis of self-discovery. So writing to me is not something new it is just something that I need to re-engage with, enjoy, embrace and not see as a chore.

So on that final note, I hope that you will hear more from me now, and you continue to enjoy this blogging journey with me!

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