The Beira fishermen…’s a family affair

On a stormy, blustery Saturday to get the boys out the house to disperse some of the energy that these little ones seem to have in abundance, we nipped over to the beach for a walk. I say nipped over as we are fortunate to live a stone’s throw away from the beach which also happens to be my favorite section of beach just right of the lighthouse and shipwreck. I particularly like this part of the beach as it is quiet, clean and has beautiful views of the beach past the lighthouse towards Sengu beach and back down towards the city center.

LRM_20171111_160347After the obligatory sand castle making, collecting shells and splashing in the sea, we decided to wander down to see how the local fisherman had got on. We could see from the distance that they had started to return from fetching their nets. My son who is taking after his dad with a love of all things fishing was super excited about the prospect of seeing “fiiiiish!!!”.

LRM_20171111_161420As we got closer the birds began circling above our heads hoping to grab a cheeky snack, I noticed the teamwork that was taking place in front of us. Every member of the family was out helping with the process. The men of the families were busy hauling the nets back in loaded with the days catch. While the women were working sorting and washing the catch into piles ready to be taken to either be sold or eaten. As we meandered through this, watching our step so not to tread on any little fish that had managed to hop away, we were surrounded by laughter, happy faces and a chorus of greetings. The warmth of these people radiated off them through their big smiles, very happy to show off their hard work. We were not harassed to buy or felt in any way uncomfortable, they were delighted to have us take an interest in what they were doing and proud to show off their catch.

After we had a good look and Finley had finished playing with the children and their little fishes we took a walk back home, children on shoulders and hearts full. I know I often say this, but I am always so touched by the warmth of the Mozambican people, so happy to chat and share experiences. When I started writing this blog and taking photos of life around meΒ  I never wanted people to feel that they are animals in a zoo for the foreign folk to gawk at. I like for people to be involved in the process and happy for me to be there documenting their unique worlds. This is important to me, and I hope I can continue to show this.


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