Stunning aerial tour over Beira City

I was sent these awesome photos that were taken by a friend of ours, Daniel du Plooy, who moved from South Africa to work and live here in Beira. Daniel has been taking some breath taking drone photos over Beira city which I think you will agree give a unique glimpse into the city. They showcase the interesting and dynamic areas of the city that aren’t often seen or captured on foot.

The first images are of what is now the Grand Hotel. In my previous blog I went into details of how this once impressive and magnificent hotel is now a rundown home for over 1000 squatters living in the direst of conditions. The drone video footage on my Instagram account HERE also gives a unique glimpse down into the grounds of the hotel.IMG-20171105-WA0031

IMG-20171105-WA0032Next we look down over the famous lighthouse of Beira, which still stands in good condition lighting up the shore line every night.

IMG-20171105-WA0036The ship wrecks of Beira, which ironically came ashore just outside the lighthouse, can be seen below slowly being eroded by the harsh elements of the coast.

IMG-20171105-WA0034The night fisherman of Macuti going out in their small dug out boats to battle the elements for their prize catch, can be seen below.

IMG-20171105-WA0033Next a wonderful shot of a busy Sunday down at Club Nautico, the local yacht club that offers a cold beer, good food and a nice relaxing place to wash the week away.


Like I said previously all images are courtesy of Daniel du Plooy, and if you enjoyed these there are plenty more to be seen over on his Instagram account HERE.




One thought on “Stunning aerial tour over Beira City

  1. Excellent to see these pictures – how things have changed over the last 40 years since I was a kid there. The only thing that has not changed much are the beaches and the Club Nutica. Many memories of being there on a Sunday. Keep the blog coming really enjoying seeing this :).


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