Brit in Beira 

#beira #mozambique #africa

So here we are my first blog post! I have been playing with the idea of having a go at this writing thing for a while. Obvious first concern was ‘will anybody be interested in what I have to say?’. Well after my last trip back to the UK visiting friends and family and unsuccesfully trying to explain what life in Beira and Africa is like, my question was answered. I hope through this blog and my photos I am able to give you a little more insight into what life is like out here.

As mentioned before this is my first blogging adventure so please bear with me while I get the hang of it all! So it would make sense to explain a little about my self before we move on. I am a British mother of 2 gorgeous little boys living with her Zimbabwean husband in Beria, Mozambique. We have been living here for just over 3 years and for the most of it loving the experience! We have totally fallen in love with this diamond in the rough city, even when it does throw daily curve balls in our path just to make life that little more interesting!

Well that’s it I did it, my first blog post! I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings and flicking through my photos on Instagram @britinbeira and it gives you more of an idea of Africa life!


2 thoughts on “Brit in Beira 

  1. I think I’ll like reading your blog. I have been to Beira. This was for a holiday from Zambia where my parents, dogs and I were living at the time (the seventies). I loved it. We travelled there in our old little Mini with one of our dogs. I still have the photos to remind me. I’d love to go back there sometime.


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